Genetic diversity, identification, and certification of Chilean rice varieties using molecular markers

Thc polymorphism level detected by simple sequence repeats (SSR) is generally medium to low among INIA commercial rice Oryza sativa varieties. Thi is supported by the diversity parameters, such as the number of alleles (3.50) and polymorphism index content (PlC. 0.50). The highest PIc was positively by SSRs. Given this situation, it is important to continuously introduce germplasm from other regions to increase the Rice Breeding Program’s genetic base.
Genetic clustering of varieties using SSR with Roger coefficient determined the separation of japonica and
indica rice. This clustering was also related to thc type of grain length/width; short/wide, long/wide, and long/narrow.

A set of SSRs was defined to allow the identification and certification of O sativa varieties, including INIA and foreign varieties.